28 mei - 9 juli, 2022

Véronique Driedonks

Véronique Driedonks is a graphic artist who lives and works in Eindhoven. She makes three-dimensional etchings and drawings. Her fascination for spatial work originated at the Art Academy in Arnhem, where she graduated in 2005 with large installations of all kinds of materials. Later the focus shifted to graphic art and everything became 2D. Véronique is now escaping the flat surface by folding the paper into reliefs and sculptures, where form and content merge. She calls this method ‘Print and Fold’.

The new series ‘Woven’ is made of strips cut out of etchings printed on paper and textile. Strip by strip the images emerge. Since the original etchings depicted linearly waves, now hundreds of fragmented curves are rearranged in completely different ensembles.

Véronique comments: ‘Life is a journey. And each artwork is a little world, a landscape in which strange components and figures are searching to find their way. There is an interaction between things that seem to happen accidentally and natural laws. The whole needs direction, not only the most abundant piece, but also the sober parts that seem to be simple.


Works underneath are a selection, more can be seen in the gallery!