20th Augustus - 1 October 2022

Petra Berghorst


The starting point of my work is often a collage. I collect, cut, arrange and paste until an image is created that evokes an emotion or an association. The collages, which consist of (parts of) people, animals, objects or a mixture, seem surrealistic. Unexpected connections, strange places and strange creatures arise. It seems as if these are natural combinations, but the image raises questions and tempts the viewer to give an individual interpretation.
The collage is not the final work, but forms the basis for a graphic elaboration. The need to associate and connect visually is also expressed in the use of different graphic techniques and materials.
From 2021 I also started a project in which I show women's portraits in grids on wood. It is a 'growing' and ongoing project.

I like to research different carriers and combine techniques. In addition to screen printing, polymer etching or a combination of etching and screen printing is a frequently used technique. The smaller works on paper are made in a limited edition of 5 and larger works, screen printing on wood, metal and canvas are unique. Each work has its own expressiveness, but together they form the visual language in which I want to communicate.

In 2003 I graduated from the HKU in Utrecht (Fine Art an in 2008 I expanded this with Education in Fine Art). During my studies, the combination of painting/silkscreen/photography was 'my' medium. At the moment I work in my studio on the Vlampijpstraat in Utrecht.

Petra, Utrecht 2022



The installation 'Power Women' shows portraits of women who are role models for many other young women. They contribute in showing the strength of women. They have made a special social or political contribution or fight for more equality between people.
The 'growing' installation is an ongoing project. I chose the first 12 women because they personally inspire me through their perseverance, and their successes. The second series of 12 consists of female artists that I personally admire and who have set a mark on the art world.

'Power Women' (started 2021)
24 portraits of 40x50cm
Acrylic/Screen printing on wood.


a selection :