September 25th - November 6th 2021

Martine Koning & Lucas Rozenboom

Martine Koning

Martine Koning (?, Groningen) studied Art history & Archaeology at the RUG upon graduating from Art Academy Minerva. Craft is key within her large-scale etchings which layer a range of techniques, often employing multiple printing plates. Clear and present in terms of colour and composition the work is inspired by classical Japanese woodcuts, this is evident in the simple integrity of her mark making and subject matter. Her work is refined ánd robust. It is grounded in Western traditions ánd contains elements of Eastern ones. It is sober ánd the same time.


Lucas Rozenboom

Lucas Rozenboom (1987, Delft) studied Book and Digital Media Studies in Leiden after graduating from the KABK in The Hague in Graphic and Typographic Design. His digital drawings have a cinematic quality, evoking an atmosphere of fantasy- Beings inhabit worlds with a recurring marine theme. Only a fraction of the Ocean is fully understood and explored by Mankind: “...sort of a universe on Earth. With creatures that look a little bit like aliens.” Lucas’ creations fit our own undiscovered emotional landscapes perfectly, they’re not surreal or out of reach: they exist.