Via Strata (Strata = “the paved road”, Latin)

The gallery’s mission: to be accessible to artists and art lovers alike.
Presenting a diverse range of contemporary art, from luscious figurative works to crisp minimal abstraction,
we offer the client an opportunity to discover affordable new works of art- in turn opening up a new audience
for our featured artists within an approachable, friendly environment.
All work is in the media of graphics and drawings, or with strong graphic characteristics.
The gallery is managed by two artists who are professionally active in the international art world,
well qualified to give honest guidance and advice to both the novice art enthusiast and seasoned collector.
Gallery Via Strata is easily accessible in a literal sense as well:
close to public transportation on the central ring road of Roosendaal.

We look forward to welcoming you!

open during expos
Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 12:30 - 16:30
and on appointment

Stationsstraat 23
4701 NB Roosendaal (NL)